I’m done with online poker until it is fully legal and regulated in the states.

I’m done with online poker until it is fully legal and regulated in the states.

What a pain in the ass..

I have been accused of bonus abuse by Ignition Casino.

Here’s the story:When you make a deposit you also get a small about of bonus funds that require a very large playthrough of 10 times the deposit plus the bonus. For example if you deposit $200 you get a bonus fund of $50 for a total of $250. In order for that extra $50 to be released to you, you are required to wager 10 times 250 which is $2,500 in the casino. There are different requirements for different games but that doesn’t really matter for this.

So what I was doing was putting my $200 on the poker tables and while playing poker I also took the $50 bonus and would play blackjack, or roulette. I figured if I lost by $50 bonus it was okay because I really had nothing to lose, but if I won or broke even I would have some progress toward the wagering requirements. I would wager anywhere from $1 to $20 on a few bets then leave the casino. Well, I was killing it and getting really lucky at roulette and built my bonus funds to $200 while my poker funds have increased a little.

In any event they would be tempting me to start playing their casino games more and thus they would make some money from me in the long run, I didn’t see the issue.

Well, they just called me and told me if I continue to do this they will shut down my account and keep any of my funds bonus AND regular.

**** that!

It made me realize that they can do whatever they want and I would have no way to challenge them.

So I am done with online poker for now. Tonight I will situs judi online forfeit my bonus and withdraw all my regular funds. They just lost all the rake they were taking from my poker play.

We need regulated online poker in all 50 states ASAP..

RIP Ignition Casino

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